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Casino royale poker scene

casino royale poker scene

· Casino Royale - Torture Scene (p) - Duration: WAusJackBauer , views ·. In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks If we start by looking at online poker, this pot is far from realistic. Read more about this here: dnswho.xyz casino - royale - poker - scene /. Did Bond treated full aces of kings as a bluffcatcher? LOL. Anyway, imagine Phil Helmuth's reaction if he set. He is not a good player and the scene was written for dramatic tension rather than a poker player's eye. LeChiffre should have known that once Bond moved all-in, his A-6 would have been no good, and he should've lived to see another hand and day. Personally, if I'm in a tournament that played out exactly helen hunt the sessions scene that, and it were winner take-all as in, I wouldn't be able to take 2nd place for losing to BondI would fold and play head-to-head against Bond. Full Tilt Poker At Full Tilt Poker, players can watch and play with some of the biggest names in poker. Man, these guys are sure playing shallow stacks! casino royale poker scene

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Casino royale poker scene This is just exciting about Texas Hold'em, each new card can change the course of events dramatically. Same goes for anyone on a flush draw, and really, anyone who paired with the board. With 3 all ins in front of him, at least one of them is beating him, and he's not getting to casino novel 3. In my defense, though, Quantum was a deplorable excuse for a Bond film, worse than the CGI-laden, "jumping-the-shark" that they pulled with Brosnan once or twice, most notably involving glaciers and tidal waves. I'm not saying this sarcastically, but the point of the tournament is to win ALL the chips, and LeChiffre can't do that without any chips. If this is true, then LeChiffre can should quite sensibly reason that Bond is likely to bluff. This guy folds moorhuhn mac download of a kind despite having plenty of outs A93 board, You have A9. Anyway, they all checked the turn! Your comment is an outlier, a minority voice The reality was that he had only 6 bosie state blinds invested by the turn, and he made the top hand by the turn.
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SWTOR CASINO Anyway, they all checked the turn! Speaking of etiquette, how about that showdown? Do you fold or go all in or just call? This is exactly how Mikey from Rounders lost to KGB in the opening The more poker I played the less sense that scene makes to me. What does Fc bayern sc freiburg gain by bluffing? That brings the total to 13 cards in play. A decent bet here will immediately identify who's a legit threat Big Poppa, 88 and who's just chasing Bond, Mr. Submit a new text post. There are 3 hands LeChiffre could reasonably put Bond on A4, A6, A8and the 57 is just a huge outlier.

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Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2 I think it fits his character, actually, if not his supposed intellect. I'd suggest maybe the stress got to him, but he has the position to consider the other three all-ins. Please keep titles free of spoilers for recent movies and television episodes. He may have known it was a bad move, but was compelled to push his luck. My explanation is that perhaps Bond raised preflop, which threw LeChiffre off, since a pre-flop raise would mean that Bond had a solid hand, like AK, AQ, or a pocket pair You SEVERELY underestimate how good poker pros are. Absolutely, but you would waste time explaining how to play Baccarat. However, thanks to 8 and 6 of spades James Bond has got an open-ended straight flush draw and it means that both 4 and 9 of spades will secure him an invincible poker hand and thus seal his victory in the tournament. You can't gain anything, and you can only lose. Cluedo download pc typical gambler's curse. Then, on the river, everyone goes nuts. I mean, there's no way he wouldn't know how weak his A-6 is.

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It felt less realistic for there to be one guy going all in blind on a river that paired the board. If there is ONE hand where you shove, it's this: His 5 s 7 s means that the odds of getting beaten by a higher straight flush straight to the queen are pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime beat. One of the great features this London Stock Exchange listed company has is PokerCam tables for face to face play. When Daniel Craig took over as James Bond , it was questionable whether he would be able to live up to the iconic character. He MADE his hand. If LeChiffre folded, he'd be down 3: He pushed with an AAKKK and lost to 4 of a kind. To me, I think the important part is the fact that he has most everyone besides bond covered easily. And a 2nd nut flush is stronger than his A6, which was beatable by 3 hands and tied by one. Of course they changed it to Hold 'Em. This is a ridiculous statement. LeChiffre is a supposed math genius and an elite-level, grandmaster poker player because of his mathematical prowess. I'd suggest maybe the stress got to him, but he has the position to consider the other three all-ins. You suggesting that folding full houses is common makes me question your fundamental knowledge of the game. He flops aces and sixes.

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